Hi, my name's Matt and I'm trying to get The Rock on my podcast.

But you already knew that. So here’s some stuff you might not know about me...

In 2016 I finished my first feature-length doc Minimalism. It took over three years to complete with minimalist funding (zero dollars) and looking back I’m still surprised we were able to pull it off.

It didn't happen without a massive amount of work & sacrifice. It required early mornings, long nights, endless peanut-butter sandwiches & mentors to get us through it.


After we released it the film did pretty well. It was trending on Netflix, topped the charts on iTunes and people seemed to like it. But no one knew how fucking hard it was to make.

That’s why I started the podcast. I wanted to talk with other creators about their experiences, their failures and the moments where everything almost fell apart.

And there's one person I want to have that conversation with more than anyone in the world... The Rock.