The story of a guy named Matt who's trying to get The Rock on his podcast.

This is the story of a guy named Matt who's trying to get The Rock on his podcast.

Hi, I'm Matt and in March 2017 I started a podcast. Then I decided to attempt the impossible. With only a couple hundred listeners and a big dream, I took the first step towards getting Dwayne Johnson on my podcast. Scroll down to see the progress I’ve made so far...

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In August 2018 the greatest competition in the history of podcasting was launched (their words, not mine). After receiving dozens of submissions the four finalists below have moved on to the final round of the Get The Rock on Matt's Podcast Jingle CompetitionVoting begins here on Monday, August 20th 2018.




Watch the video above for a full recap of the journey so far.
I never thought it would be easy. That’s one of the reasons I'm attempting this ridiculous idea in the first place. I want to inspire people to attempt the impossible. Also I just think it would be fucking cool to get Dwayne Johnson on my podcast.

It’s been over a year since this project started and I’ve slowly inched my way towards him, connecting with his colleagues, rallying my audience to take action, and even getting direct tweets from The Rock himself.




The second tweet.
There’s only one framed photo hanging on the wall’s of my apartment and it’s the infamous retro portrait of The Rock donning a black turtleneck, gold chain & leather fanny pack.

I hung it up as a daily reminder of my goal to get him on the podcast. My girlfriend wasn’t thrilled about the decision.

I posted a photo of it on Twitter and explained how The Rock hasn’t yet returned my phone calls but that hasn't discouraged me. Enter The Rock.

“My all time fav pic. Thx for the love man! And that’s because you keep calling me from a pay phone... and calling collect. Who the fuck does that anymore? 😂👊🏾” @TheRock on June 4, 2018

Holy shit. This is the second time The Rock has tweeted at me but this one is even bigger. Because this time I included a link to this website. And he acknowledged the fact that I’ve been trying to reach him. He knows. He must know.

You can see my reaction & response in this video.




The first tweet.
My hands began to sweat. My heart rate nearly doubled. I had to read the tweet three times before it registered.

One year after starting the podcast, and 9 months of attempting to get in touch with The Rock, I finally broke through the noise. After tweeting a photo reading The Rock’s book “Rock Says” he tweeted back:

“Wow means a lot. I wrote that book when I was 27yrs old and wasn’t confident people would connect w/ my story. Wound up being #1 on the @nytimes best sellers for weeks. Thx man for finding some inspo from it.” @TheRock on March 28, 2018

This might seem like a small step. And it is. But it’s got me so fired up to move forward. Watch my reaction to the tweet.



Two degree's of separation.
I knew it would require time. That it would require long hours, persistence and a healthy dose of patience.

When I started the podcast I wasn’t even thinking about getting The Rock on. I was trying to get ANYONE on. I reached out to friends, and after that acquaintances, and then I started to hit up strangers.

And then a funny thing happened. People started to accept the invitation and listeners started to come back. It was slow at first and then things started to snowball. And on episode 40 I landed a big guest: celebrity photographer Brian Bowen Smith.

What I didn’t know was that he calls The Rock his friend. He brought it up casually on the podcast and proceeded to give me some amazing advice for getting him on the show.

"You have to wait for the opportunity and keep reminding him you're out there. He'll see it one day and he'll tell his people. You don't know what little thing you do is going to make a big difference in your life.", Ground Up 040 w/ Brian Bowen Smith

The interview itself is awesome and if packed full of motivating insights. During the show Brian snapped a picture of my framed photo of The Rock & shared it on Instagram tagging The Rock.

I couldn't help but think to myself... Is The Rock going to see this?




I made the website & planned a big launch.
If you want to get the most out of life you need laser focus. You need to be able to drop everything that doesn’t support your path and move forward.

Instead of just saying, “I want to get influential guests on my podcast”. I got crazy specific. I said, “I want to get the most influential guest on my podcast”.

As my audience grew from 1,000 downloads a month to over 12,000 I was feeling pretty good. So I built this website, coordinated a newsletter release, podcast & social effort to get people to spread the messaged.

I spent over a month preparing for the launch. It was going to go viral. I was ready. Then I clicked “publish”. And no one really cared.

Time to get back to the drawing board.



A dream is born.
Why do we tell kids that anything is possible but we pressure adults to pursue the safe path?

At some point we stop telling ourselves to dream big. Life can be scary as fuck and we’re hoping to avoid pain. But pain is the only way forward. Failure is the only way we learn. It’s inevitable.

That’s why I’m on this path. Not to succeed. Not to fail. But to attempt a ridiculously ambitious & silly idea. Because why the hell not?

This exclusive clip shows a candid conversation with Conrad Golovac and myself soon after starting the podcast (Conrad helped me film the podcast early on). I’d been thinking about pursuing this idea for a couple weeks. This is the first moment I mention it on camera.


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